Sunday, July 3, 2011

Three Pictures and a Comment

The following are three pictures which I have taken in the last couple of days. They are not related to each other in any way, except perhaps that they were all taken in Japan.

First we have a mural. This decorated the wall of a 9 story karaoke building. Each floor was "fairy tale" themed. I'm guessing this was inspired by Pirate of the Carribean. Doesn't this guy look reminiscent of Orlando Bloom?

Just when I planned to start my own business selling teacup poodles the apartment complex slapped this sign up on the wall. I knew I should have read the contract more carefully. I guess I'll have to outsource the breeding to China.

Third, we have an anti-nuclear power plant demonstration. These protesters, led by a van with a bull horn were shouting such things as "lets close all the nuclear power plants" and "there shouldn't be nuclear power plants." The reality is that Japan gets about 30% of its power from nuclear sources so any change will be very difficult.

There are actually power problems in all of Japan right now because people are scared of nuclear power. Japanese law requires that the reactors be inspected every 13 months. Before they can be restarted the plants must get the approval of the local government. Now local governments are refusing to give there approval (citing safety concerns) and so more than 60% of Japanese nuclear power plants are offline even though many of them are completely undamaged.

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